Ladd & Thigpen, P.C., has substantial experience in drafting the governing documents for new and existing residential developments, including Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Annexation or Supplemental Declarations for a new section added to the development, Certificate of Formation and Bylaws of the property owners' association, Architectural Guidelines, Builder Guidelines and Rules and Regulations. We have many HOAs as clients and have experience with many types of communities throughout Texas.

In addition to preparing governing documents for new developments, our attorneys are also experienced in preparing amended Bylaws, Architectural Guidelines and Rules and Regulations that are tailored to meet the needs of your association.

Your Texas HOA has the ability to ensure the safety and beauty of your subdivision. As such, the enforcement of restrictions applicable to your subdivision is the best method of preserving the character of the subdivision and maintaining property values. Ladd & Thigpen, P.C., has substantial experience in enforcing deed restriction. Many times, enforcement requires the filing and prosecution of litigation in various venues. Based upon our experience in this area, we are capable of handling your subdivision's deed restriction enforcement issues in a manner that is professional, efficient and cost-effective.

The collection of assessments is vital to homeowners' association's ability to operate effectively, yet many subdivisions have difficulty in recovering assessments from the homeowners. Ladd & Thigpen, P.C., has handled collection activities for numerous subdivisions, including judicial and non-judicial foreclosure. Our collection procedure includes notices and contacts with the delinquent owner which is designed to result in an amicable resolution without the necessity of foreclosure. Collection work requires knowledge of and adherence to state and federal statutes governing debt collectors and protecting the rights of debtors.