Areas of Practice

Insurance Defense

Ladd & Thigpen, P.C., prides itself on its extensive understanding and experience representing insureds in third-party insurance litigation. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing quality advice based on an objective interpretation of the insurance policy in light of the factual and legal arguments involved in each case.  We are frequently retained by insurance carriers to represent and protect the interests of their insureds in courts throughout Texas in claims related to the following types of policies and litigation:

  • Automotive liability policies pertaining to simple intersection collisions to multi-vehicle accidents, including heavy equipment and truck collisions involving serious injuries and multiple deaths;

  • Litigation pertaining to comprehensive general liability policies ranging from slip and falls to rapes and/or murders at commercial properties such as apartment complexes, and serious injuries and deaths at retail facilities;

  • Litigation wherein the insured's homeowners' policy mandates the carrier to provide a defense to the homeowner, tenant, lessee, or controller against negligence and premises liability lawsuits involving personal injury or death.

Homeowner's Associations

Ladd & Thigpen, P.C., has substantial experience in drafting the governing documents for new and existing residential developments, including Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Annexation or Supplemental Declarations for a new section added to the development, Certificate of Formation and Bylaws of the property owners' association, Architectural Guidelines, Builder Guidelines and Rules and Regulations.

In addition to preparing governing documents for new developments, our attorneys are also experienced in preparing amended Bylaws, Architectural Guidelines and Rules and Regulations that are tailored to meet the needs of your association.

Your Homeowners' Association has the ability to ensure the safety and beauty of your subdivision. As such, the enforcement of restrictions applicable to your subdivision is the best method of preserving the character of the subdivision and maintaining property values. Ladd & Thigpen, P.C., has substantial experience in enforcing deed restriction. Many times, enforcement requires the filing and prosecution of litigation in various venues. Based upon our experience in this area, we are capable of handling your subdivision's deed restriction enforcement issues in a manner that is professional, efficient and cost-effective.

The collection of assessments is vital to homeowners' association's ability to operate effectively, yet many subdivisions have difficulty in recovering assessments from the homeowners. Ladd & Thigpen, P.C., has handled collection activities for numerous subdivisions, including judicial and non-judicial foreclosure. Our collection procedure includes notices and contacts with the delinquent owner which is designed to result in an amicable resolution without the necessity of foreclosure. Collection work requires knowledge of and adherence to state and federal statutes governing debt collectors and protecting the rights of debtors.

Contract Law

Ladd & Thigpen, P.C.,'s attorneys are highly skilled in drafting and negotiating contracts designed to achieve your business goals while minimizing potential exposure for breach or injury. Our attorneys also have extensive trial experience in matters pertaining to contractual agreements and relations, including the following:

  • Defense of General Contractors, Subcontractors, and Owners;
  • Defense of independent contractors;
  • Defense of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits;
  • Prosecution and defense of indemnification and defense provisions contained in sales, services and/or construction contracts;
  • Collection efforts including breach of contract litigation and post-judgment garnishment and seizures.
  • Placement and perfection of statutory liens on construction projects to ensure payment for materials and services provided;
  • Prosecution and defense of contract based collection and breach of contract lawsuits; and
  • Restrictive covenants such as non-compete, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure provisions;
  • Stock and/or Asset Purchase Agreements.

Administrative Law/Professional Licensing

Ladd & Thigpen, P.C., provides comprehensive malpractice and professional liability defense including state licensing regulation and administrative review. Our attorneys have successfully represented doctors, nurses, nursing homes, residential treatment facilities, hospitals, and medical training institutions in administrative and regulatory disputes encompassing complex medical liability facts and causation issues, as well as substantial damage exposure. These issues and disputes include the following:

  • Malpractice allegations against physicians and nurses;
  • Allegations of negligent hiring and credentialing of medical staff, licensure, informed consent, and failure to diagnose;
  • Certification and survey, and decertification, suspension and termination proceedings;
  • Employment disputes including defense of discrimination and non-competition lawsuits.

Corporate Representation

At Ladd & Thigpen, P.C., our attorneys have considerable experience related to the formation and operating of corporate entities throughout Texas. Our attorneys currently serve as General Counsel for numerous companies handling matters such as preparation and implementation of policies, contracts and guidelines designed to insulate the companies from internal and external issues.

Employment Law

Ladd & Thigpen, P.C., prides itself on providing its corporate clients with comprehensive representation related to all aspects of employment ligation including sexual harassment, retaliation, discrimination, and personal injury. We are skilled at litigating these matters at the pre-charge phase, during an EEOC investigation, and in state and federal courts. However, our firm's mission is to provide your company with legal advice that is designed to minimize your exposure, with an emphasis placed on careful and focused creation of employment policies incorporating customized covenants not to compete and termination policies.